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Since 1887, John Boos has been a trusted
provider of high-quality, performance-driven
equipment and workspaces that have
inspired home cooks

John Boos Kitchen Furniture

John Boos is the world’s finest makers of all types of wood countertops, butcher blocks, butcher block countertops, kitchen carts, cutting boards, and kitchen furniture. Boos & Co. is famous for its kitchen surfaces and islands and is recognized for manufacturing the most exceptional items of the class. Making use of the best wood and other resources, almost all John Boos kitchen furniture is designed and finished with the highest standard and made available with a guarantee of astonishing features.

Wood Countertops Are Nature’s (Almost) Original

The very first surfaces used by man for food preparation and meal serving were made of stone, but as humans migrated to walled domiciles and the kitchen replaced the fire pit as the hub of the family’s universe, wood countertops supplanted stone surfaces. While they are not as durable as stone, wood countertops are certainly more practical, considering their durability, cutability, affordability and natural beauty.

Boos Wood Countertops Come in Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Red Oak

Maple is the most popular species of the wood countertop, followed by walnut, cherry, and oak, respectively. Among these species, maple butcher block countertops are the most affordable, due to maple’s relative abundance and aesthetics. Northern Hard Rock Maple butcher block features neutral colors that range from light to moderate brown, making it suitable for almost any kitchen decor. If you are seeking a slightly darker shade of brown with a hint of red, then Appalachian Red Oak butcher block might be the way to go. Darker still is rich American Walnut. Or if you would prefer a reddish hue, consider American Cherry wood for a rich-looking butcher block countertop that will truly make a statement.

The Remarkable John Boos Butcher Block

Remodeling your house can be an overwhelming job, particularly as soon as you get to servicing the cooking area. There are numerous components of your kitchen area to alter; your floorings, your cabinets, your home appliances, and your countertops. When it pertains to counter tops, there are a great deal of choices at hand. Marble, granite, tile, you call it. An option a great deal of individuals fail to remember to check out are butcher block counter tops.

Why butcher block?

Once you spend the moment as well as loan to replace your counters, they are something you will certainly consider nearly all day, everyday. Not just that, however they will certainly need to last a very long time. You will not be replacing your counter tops on a whim as your taste as well as requires modification, so butcher block countertops are an excellent alternative.

Butcher obstructs, both a table and also a kitchen counter, can be made in a range of timbers to fit your specific requirements and also design. Aside from their visual charm, butcher blocks are very functional. You won’t need to deal with butcher blocks with kid handwear covers as you would certainly with various other materials. No need for a cutting board, no demand to shoo the children away when they have questionable substances spilling throughout.

Types of butcher blocks

As soon as you make a decision to opt for butcher block, which I’m sure you will, you will desire the very best. Exactly how do you understand what will last? Look no more than John Boos butcher block. John Boos & Co has actually stayed in business for over 125 years, and also with excellent reason. They are presently the only maker in the United Stated to create both wood items and also stainless-steel products at one location. Their knowledge beats other firms, and also their modest starts are relatable. No one has ever been let down with their products, and each piece is handmade in the United States, offering you a distinctive, durable, resilient, and also beautiful item that will certainly offer you for years to find. You are sure to be the envy of all your house visitors.

John Boos butcher block is available in a variety of colors and finishes for your demands. Each type of timber can be found in a distinctive hue. Maple, cherry, oak, sycamore, walnut, and more are all alternatives when picking your butcher block. Take your individual design into account when choosing. What style if your house? What color floors do you have? What about your cabinets?

Talk with the professionals at John Boos to determine which type of timber would certainly offer you best considering your use. Relying on toughness and care, particular sorts of wood may serve you far better than others. If you intend to use your butcher block for daily kitchen use, you will certainly wish to go with a coating that has much less upkeep and also is safe. Usual surfaces are mineral oil, waterlox, and also discoloration. Waterlox as well as mineral oil are secure to use with food, so this is something to keep in mind. John Boos can help you determine the logistics and also specifics.

John Boos & Carbon Monoxide has over 125 years of experience in the foodservice devices industry. They are a principal company of premium merchandises as well as devices for restaurants, as well as domestic cooking areas. All of their items are hand made on location, as well as they are craftsmen of both woodworking and steel. Given that they are so diverse with their products, they have the capacity to produce their products to a wide range of places and also requirements in the food service market.

John Boos & Carbon monoxide focuses on woodworking of:

– Butcher blocks
– Cutting boards
– Kitchen furniture
– Counter tops, butcher block and other timber
– Tables for a range of work demands
– Other items offered upon request

John Boos additionally has a wide range of metal and also steel products:

– Sinks
– Customized steel and stainless-steel work
– Job tables
– Shelves
– Dish tables

Where it started.

Just How did John Boos & Co begin? Where are their origins? Based in Effingham, Illinois, John Boos & Co is just one of the oldest manufacturers of superior food service tools along with butcher obstructs in the whole USA. John Boos & Carbon Monoxide has actually been in business considering that its humble starts in 1887. Conrad Boos, creator, began his business in his blacksmith shop by inventing his initial butcher block, what is now referred to as the Boos Block. He harvested sycamore from the woods bordering his store and also treated it in his sawmill before bringing the timber to his blacksmith store to be ended up. This very first piece of sycamore was put on 3 secure legs and also offered no other function than to absorb the strike from his hammer against the anvil.

A butcher from the area had actually seen Conrad’s block and also wished for one of his very own for his meat market. Conrad’s son, John, crafted a butcher block for the butcher, ushering in a new era for the industry, and also catapulting John Boos into service.

Humble beginnings.

By 1892, a German immigrant named Adelbert Gravenhorst was captivated with John and also Conrad’s work and saw excellent possible, as he was a business owner. He joined the group, making the company John Boos & Co. He had the ability to back the daddy as well as kid duo with his financial resources, making it possible for Conrad and also John for fruit and vegetables and also manufacture their butcher obstructs, which already had been in high need.

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