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Scrapy Moncton

Whether you’re looking to sell your used vehicle for a profit or simply want to trade it in, scrapy moncton is the place to go. We provide a service that is simple, efficient and above all else, fast!

Unlike many other car buying services, we actually have a real store where you can come and see us for yourself. Our team of experts will help you find the best possible price for your vehicle.

We will also ensure that you have the peace of mind that you’ll be getting a fair deal, without any nasty surprises!

About We are a family owned and operated business that focuses on helping our customers get the most value out of their used vehicles. As we work directly with the sellers, we have developed a reputation for providing great service at a fair price.

Our customer base includes companies and individuals from across Canada, including small businesses and large corporations alike. In fact, we’ve helped over 25,000 people find the right car at the best possible price!

In addition to our friendly and knowledgeable staff, we’re proud to offer a wide selection link of high-quality vehicles at competitive prices. We also have an extensive selection of vehicle financing options, so you can purchase your next car with ease and confidence.

How It Works We’ve been in the auto industry since 2006 and we know how important it is to get a good deal. That’s why we offer a full range of services to help you find the best possible price for your car, from our convenient online payment options to our expertly trained technicians.

We also offer an exceptional warranty and service. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible service and we’ll always be there when you need us most!

Our mission is to be the number one choice for vehicle buyers in Canada. We strive to provide a superior experience for every single client, so you can count on us for all your car buying needs.

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