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West County Insulation

West County Insulation is a nifty name for a business that launched in the early twenty first century. The company provides commercial and residential insulation products and services for the discerning consumer. Its most prominent claim to fame is its top notch service department, which has a ten percent success rate. For such a young company, the quality of service is commendable.

The company boasts a full time staff of three, and operates seven days a week. Although the company is unaffiliated with any major contractor, it does maintain a nifty web presence. Its social media presence is a top-notch indicator of the company’s commitment to customer service. As for marketing, a savvy marketing department can snare more than a few leads. A cleverly worded e-mail can turn a casual inquiry into a nip and tuck. With its high quality service, West County Insulation is the best bet for your insulation needs.

West County Insulation was not always this high tech, but the company was a jack of all trades and master of all trades. For instance, the company does not own the company, but does share its name in the aforementioned shuffle, as well as its logo on its eponymous truck. To say nothing of its stellar track record, the company’s employees are eminently courteous and friendly, a virtue which is not to be understated. This¬†West County Insulation aforementioned commitment to customer service has engendered a loyal customer base, as evidenced by the company’s tally of more than 20 leads a month. One can only hope that their newfound digital halo will continue to grow over time. In the past, a plethora of referrals and word of mouth had been all that was required. But now, the company has a digital presence of its own and has taken its message to the next level.

For example, if you are using loose-fill insulation in your walls, be sure to ask your contractor how many board feet of insulation are needed to cover a square foot of wall to a certain thickness. You will need at least 3 board feet of insulation per square foot.

Insulation contractors are required to follow the building code and use the proper type of insulation for the project. Some unique types of insulation need to be licensed, and there are some additional fire protection requirements depending on the application.

West County Insulation
2055 Craigshire Dr Suite 401, St. Louis, MO 63146
(314) 866-4208

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